My dear Guy,

I cannot believe that you have left forever; you, who with your love and friendship were my most valuable support from the moment I met you, about 43 years ago, until this moment when I am losing you forever.
I am grateful, because you believed in my music and my work, often alone, against all others, and you supported me in the most difficult moments of my life. So much so that at some points I felt that I should continue moving forward, if for nothing else, at least to justify your fight and give you joy.
But it is not only your powerful intellect, your deep learning and your will of steel that distinguished you from other people; it was above all the unique nobility of your soul and the integrity of your character.
You were an uncompromising person and a person of integrity: great virtues, rare in our dark age, virtues that enlightened me and guided me through the rough paths of my life.
How glad, how blessed was I, my dear Guy, to have met you and been so close to both you and the faithful, worthy, valuable partner in your life, our beloved Ariel ...
And now you are gone and you have left me alone, without your precious love, your unshakeable faith and your incomparable, unique ethos, which were probably some of the most valuable gifts life has given me.
Now I see you and embrace you, even from far away, for the last time. But you must know that in your long journey, your dear friend Mikis will always be with you. My great love, my gratitude, my deep respect, my thoughts, my thanks and above all my Music, which you loved and in which you believed so much, will accompany you forever in your long journey.

Goodbye, my dear friend.

Mikis Theodorakis
Athens, 27.5.2016