Dear Friends and Comrades-in-arms of SPITHA, past, present and future

It is with a deep sadness for our country and our people that I am writing to you today about all the time that has been wasted for SPITHA – which began life as a shining sun only to turn into a little sputtering lamp. But SPITHA still exists, thanks to the unswerving faith of ten to twenty comrades-in-arms who believed in our ideas and in me personally.

Finally, as you can certainly see for yourselves, political developments and life itself have proved us right.

I urge you therefore to not let pass this new opportunity as well, and I ask every one of you to help restore SPITHA to what we have dreamt it should be from the very beginning: strong and groundbreaking, with the influence and conviction of a true soldier in the front line of progress, whose goal is to deliver our people and reconquer our national sovereignty.

For this reason we have decided, a group of loyal friends, comrades-in-arms and myself, to recall to mind the many texts we have written so far on the need to create the Panhellenic Patriotic and Democratic Popular Front, to help the people rid themselves once and for all of this plague of foreign locusts and become masters in their own home.

As you can see today, many people, especially those who have betrayed the Left, are speaking of a “Front”. Let us not allow them to continue usurping this idea as they have done up till now.

Athens, 21/08/2015

Mikis Theodorakis

- published on 22 August 2015 -

English translation : Ariel Parker