For the presentation of “First Symphony” and “Axion Esti”at Irodion

I would like to thank Athens Festival and the State Orchestra of Athens for their decision to present in Herodion theater my works “First Symphony” and “Axion Esti”. Furthermore I would like to thank all the capable participants, who I am sure with their talent and personalities will perform my plays in the best way.

I have to confess, that I feel uncomfortable, that my music is going to be heard in an era which is dominated by the huge pain of old people, who are draining away in the lines for a plate of food. This is a great shame, especially for me: I carry the same years in my shoulders, but I have at the same time the privilege to enjoy the great pleasure of a man of Art, whose work is displayed in a historical place, in front of a huge audience.

The only thing that consoles me, is the symbolism from the coexistence inside the same people of pain and hope, but also the certainty that someday pain will vanish and hope will rise and become a reality.

Besides let us not forget, that I composed my work “First Symphony” in circumstances of the greatest pain that a man can suffer, in order to prove that hope always triumphs, when somebody has inside him true Faith in Humanity and in Life.

Thank you all.

Athens, 10.7.2014

Mikis Theodorakis

The concert will be performed Tuesday 14 July by Giorgos Dalaras, de Dimitri Platania, d'Αkis Sakelariou, Athens State Orchestra, The City of Athens Choir, National Technical University's Choir, Melodoi Choir, Loukas Karitinos, conductor

Irodion: Handicapped Theodorakis gets out of his car (14 July)