"For many years, however, more the last five years, we live  the complete failure of the whole of our political world , which has led the country to the brink of a national test, one step before a disaster of historic proportions.
Recently we experienced  the effort of some foreign powers  (regardless of whatever our responsibilities)  to design methodically destroying our country  in every respect, national, historical, cultural, social and converting the people to our people slaves, who would beg for a piece of bread.
They saw trying to fully control the country's power system and make it an instrument for the implementation of their plan in all areas of our national life with special emphasis on the weapon of the economy, to dismantle the Greek society in all areas: labor, education, growth, trade, production, culture.

We saw to try to completely control the critical areas of international relations and of our national defense.
They saw the Memoranda and Loan Agreements to exclude any relationship with a country other than their own, to have such exclusivity in full control of our country and also to assert our common wealth, ports, airports, the major roads, solar energy, water, public buildings, our historical monuments, as well as control of education and culture.

And then we saw our governments to sign agreements and texts such characteristics maintained and Professor  C. Kasimatis  could not be signed "either with the gun on his temple."

Faced with this storm that surprised us all, our people found naked.
His only weapon was  Unity. Unfortunately this did not happen.
At the same time we saw the struggle of  SYRIZA  to become government. Personally I warned that a government of the Left and with the heroic past of the Greek left would mean an alarm to the winners of the Civil War will want to exterminate both the government and the People who voted. This will dry out the country from money and at the same time do everything to punish us. That the effort of a left party become government without having obtained a foothold and without drawing direct application for the next day, they are opportunistic and will pay dearly. And I had set  two conditions : The formation of a more than 50% Pallaikou Front and preparing alliances grounded upon joint ventures with powerful international forces for the joint exploitation of our national wealth, because otherwise, we would go barefoot thorns. And these developments unfortunately vindicated.
Today we find ourselves in front of a  Referendum . After five whole months 'negotiations' with the 'institutions' -Troika made within the framework of the Memorandum, which dared SYRIZA to abolish the "First Law that would bring the House" as stated before the elections the current Prime Minister and they eventually threw rocks, ask us if we agree with the last sentence of the "institutions" requiring more steps, just half a billion additional measures amounting to 8 billion accepted by the Greek government and with signature of the Prime Minister himself.
Of course it is possible to vote for the agreement with lenders.  But the NO voters will choose the ballot it is NOT at all burdensome and onerous agreements with "institutions". NO to all agreements that load the People with even more burdens leading to the full misery and killing and robbing of national integrity, independence and sovereignty.  And one should not think or encroaching on this reply  by displaying it as a vote of confidence in government and even more so as a consensus in its proposal of 8 billion which after all included in the proposal of the creditors.
Most important though, is  what happens the day after the referendum . After complete as I mentioned earlier failure of the whole of our political world, which has led the country to the brink of a national test, I wish there was a way to form a government of "national salvation" to the country out of the current impasse in which the They have led leaders inferior conditions and problems facing the people and the country in recent decades, and especially during the time of the Memoranda.
However, since this is not possible, again  the only weapon left to the Greek people is  Unity . Only united like a fist we strive to address the cancer that threatens us even in death. The Greek people must demonstrate composure, maturity and responsibility and to become in any legal way to leading defender of freedoms and rights.
Athens, 06/29/2015
Mikis Theodorakis