I congratulate SYRIZA for its splendid victory in the elections.

Often in the past we have fought together with SYRIZA to achieve the goals of national independence and sovereignty, for the liberation of the Greek people from foreign domination and for their rights. For this reason, the high percentage of votes cast for SYRIZA is for me a very positive sign.

At the same time, I would like to emphasize that even if the new Parliament and the new government are products of the existing system, they really originate in the objectives of the Anti-Memorandum parties.

That means that we now find ourselves at the outset of a difficult journey: the point where the programmes and promises have to be transformed into deeds and results.

We must not forget that a majority of the Greek people are expecting to see a complete transformation of the system, in accordance with the express promises and election pledges made by SYRIZA in particular, but also by AN.EL (Independent Greeks), which provide for an end to the Memoranda, an end to Troika-Politics, as well as the intolerable pressures from outside. That is the main reason why SYRIZA was able to unite so many voters within its ranks against the politics of the Memoranda-Parties, which have held power since 2010.

The results of yesterday’s vote show quite clearly that a large majority of our people no longer accept our country’s dependence on foreign powers. They want their national independence, which for us, the SPITHA Movement, is the highest and essential objective.

We were always convinced that this vast majority existed within our people, rejecting dependence on foreign powers and desiring national independence. It was for this reason we founded the EL.LA.DA Movement, in the hope that this majority could join together in a vast movement, serving the good of our people and our country, that would be in a position to stand up against the existing system (a mixture of domestic and foreign forces), to free our land from all foreign regulation and restore its national independence.

I remain loyal to this vision. But that does not mean I will not welcome and support every initiative of the new government, should it really summon up the courage to take on the enemies of our people. I will also support every effort by the new government that serves to put an end to all the injustices existing in our country and aims to free it from the vice-like grip of the Memoranda.

The necessary realism and our love of the people oblige us to take an active part in these struggles; and to overcome our bitterness – with regard to the splintering of our popular front into party groups, independent from and often hostile to each other – in order not to turn into mere passive observers. 

Furthermore, all of us who belong to the extra-parliamentary Spitha-Network EL.LA.DA, we are prepared to muster all our forces, to take up every challenge that brings us closer to our goal of achieving our national independence.


Athens, 26.1.2014
Mikis Theodorakis


English translation: Ariel Wagner-Parker