I am now as ever against the “Memorandum Policy”. This means I am strictly opposed to an election which is solely about choosing the best possible administrator to put into practice the conditions of the "Memorandum".

To all those who ask me what my position is regarding the upcoming elections – in particular with regard to SYRIZA – I would give the following answer: I am ready to support the SYRIZA Party – however only on condition that before the election, the Party makes the solemn commitment that, should it be called upon to form a government, its first act will be to put before Parliament a bill delivering our country once and for all from the terrible conditions of the "Memorandum".

For it would be unacceptable to me that a left-wing party should govern under the dictate of conditions which mean renouncing our national independence and sovereignty, in other words, living under the domination of foreign powers.

Athens, 6 January 2015

Mikis Theodorakis

English translation: Ariel Wagner-Parker