This is the address of a new website, created on the initiative of Mikis Theodorakis himself. It offers an extremely rich and varied documentation, with over 3100 musical works, 18 videos, 130 poems, 72 musical analyses and an almost unbelievable number of articles and commentaries, especially on Greece’s years of crisis since 2008.

Mikis Theodorakis has dedicated this new jewel in the internet crown to us. He writes:

I begin my introduction to this new site with a thought for my good friend Guy Wagner, who for many years has been the driving force behind the official website devoted to my life and work, a testimony to his great love and esteem. By means of the site, he has defended my work and reputation like no one else, with perseverance and courage – and that at a very difficult time for me, my ideas, my art and my political action.

I would therefore like to dedicate this new site to him, telling him I look on it as an “annexe” to his, which will always remain the first, the “official” website. My aim is for the new site to play a complementary role.