The internationally renowned composer Mikis Theodorakis officially became an honorary member of the Athens Academy on December 3.

The president of the Academy, Spyros A. Evagelatos and the General Secretary Vasilios Petrakis will talk about the personality and the contribution of Greece’s best-known living composer at the ceremony dedicated to Mikis Theodorakis.

The ceremony was concluded with a speech given by Theodorakis on the issue “The only solution.”



Moreover, on December 5, a concert will take place in the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, with music and songs by Mikis Theodorakis.

Nena Venetsanou, Lakis Halkias and the 10-member Orchestra of Mikis Theodorakis will perform the most popular movies and theatrical creations of the composer, taking the audience on a journey of Greek cinema and theater.

The concert program includes, among others, songs from productions : Phaedra (1961, Jules Dassin), Electra ( 1961-62 , Michalis Cacoyannis ) , Zorbas ( 1964 Michalis Cacoyannis ) , Z ( 1969 Costa Gavras ) , Serpico ( 1973 , Sidney Lumet), Beautiful City ( 1962 , Michael Cacoyannis ), etc.

During the concert, favorite movies scenes will be shown on-screen as well as some excerpts from theatrical performances. The showcase is aimed to be a revival of his works through a combination of music, speech and images.

Theodorakis has composed for a variety of music forms, including symphonies, chamber music, cantatas, oratorios, hymns, ballets and operas as well as music for ancient and modern theater and cinema. Among his most famous work is the music for “Zorba the Greek” and the music he wrote to accompany the work of Greek poets.