The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece has welcomed statements by famous Greek composer, Mikis Theodorakis, which have strongly condemned Holocaust denial in the country.

In an article in the Ta Nea newspaper entitled “We must react while there is still time”, Theodorakis said it was “a disgrace to hear such hateful opinions in the Greek Parliament”.

“The fact that a Member of Parliament could even think of questioning from the Parliament’s podium the existence of the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews, the greatest crime ever to be committed in the history of mankind, makes us vulnerable in the eyes of international opinion and tarnishes the image of our country,” he went on.

Theodorakis, who also wrote to the Jewish community on the same issue, was strongly praised by community president, David Saltiel, for his stance.

“When the voice of a freedom fighter, a man of Letters and Culture, a great composer who created a requiem for Holocaust victims… joins our voice and the voices of Greek democratic citizens, then there is hope to believe that our democracy can actually be a shield against the threats launched by the seekers of Nazism,” Saltiel wrote in a letter to Theodorakis.