Theodorakis - Chronology (XIV)

Faithful to himself 2003 - 2004

 by Guy Wagner 

Structure and illustrations: Guy Wagner



24.01. After unjustified critics of the costs concerning the production of Lysistrati as part of the Cultural Olympiad, Theodorakis forbids that his works should be played during the Olympic Games 2004. Later a good-natured agreement is found.

26.01. Theodorakis begins a long series of broadcasts on Radio SKAI. From Monday to Friday, 8,45 in the morning, and on Sunday at 10 in the morning, he discusses the historical events in Greece since his birth in the year 1925.

30.01. While being an irreconcilable opponent to the US politic of aggression by president Bush & Co., - which he calls the "only axis of Evil" -, Theodorakis condemns already in advance each US interference into the Iraq, as he condemned the war in Afghanistan. He declared to participate at the mass meeting, which takes place world-wide on 15 February, and to hold a speech.

No to War!

15.02. During the meeting against the preparation of a war against Iraq, Theodorakis explains at Syntagma Square: "As to Yugoslavia, to Palestine and to Afghanistan now the hour has struck to Iraq (...) In a few years time only, is it for the fourth time that we meet at the same place, to manifest our opposition against the activities and criminal projects of the only superpower.”

21.03. Despite the world-wide protest movement, Bush bombards Baghdad. Theodorakis publishes a first statement: " I see Bush standing shoulder to shoulder with Genghis Khan, Attila and Hitler. (...)The hatred of simple people from the entire world must rise like a great wave to drown them in shame."

02.04. Theodorakis publishes a second statement: " We are witnesses of an unprecedented and incessant slaughter of civilians that is unfolding day and night before our astounded eyes."

Thank you, Mr Bush!

09.04. With his third statement, Theodorakis attacks the position of the European Union in front of the aggression US & GB in Iraq, and declares that this is “a monstrous attitude that tarnishes the moral values Europe is supposed to be founded on and on which the European Union is now to be extended.".

05.-12.10. The Popular Orchestra Mikis Theodorakis undertakes a successful Australia tour, which leads it to Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.

26.10. In an interview by “Eleftherotypia on Sunday”, Theodorakis explains that he "always bears Makronissos in himself ". With the concerts, which he wants to give on the island of a horror and dishonour, he wants to "finally exorcise the evil and defeat the torturers with our weapons, our mental work."

Back to Macronissos

 29 & 30.10. With the Orchestra, which was named after him, Mikis Theodorakis gives two concerts on Makronissos, which he dedicates to Yiannis Ritsos.

04.11. During the presentation of his new book " Pou Na Vro Tin Psychi Mou” (Where will I find my Soul?), Mikis Theodorakis speaks also about the "problem of Israel".

11.11. His private comments to this subject are published and distorted one week later by the right-winged newspaper "Apogevmatini":While Theodorakis said that Sharon and his government "approach the roots of the evil", the newspaper wrote that the composer said, the "Jews are the roots of the evil".

12.11. Despite an immediate statement by Theodorakis, he was attacked as anti-Semite, and these attacks were just awful. Even US Ambassador Thomas Miller, who would have better done to be silent, said: “''It is sad and regrettable for a man of such a stature to make such comments.''... The polemics which persisted for months, ranks among the most deplorable chapters that go alongside with the live and work of Theodorakis.

01.12. Mikis Theodorakis welcomes the Geneva Peace Initiative as a "courageous and hopeful act".


05.01. Theodorakis participates in a large meeting at Syntagma Square in favour of the Palestinian people and gives a speech.

15.03. The new head of the government, Mr Costas Karamanlis who is also Minister of Culture, receives officially Mikis Theodorakis.

A listed building

24.03. The house on Ikaria in which Mikis Theodorakis lived during his exile (1947sq.) is now a listed building.

04.04. Concerning the referendum on Cyprus of 24 April 2004, Mikis Theodorakis calls to vote "NO".

01.05. The Greek part of Cyprus celebrates its entry into the European Union and sings "Chryssoprassino Fyllo" by Mikis Theodorakis.

25.07. Premiere of the Ode to Greece: "A Life Full of Greece"by Mikis Theodorakis, whose action runs off between 1950 and 1975

04.08. Theodorakis fells seriously ill. After heart problems, he had to endure an operation to remove his gall bladder (17.08.).

A splendid work of art

07.08. The Rio Antirio bridge is solemnly inaugurated with a concert in honour of Theodorakis.

13.08. The new Internet homepage for Mikis Theodorakis - English, German, French, International – starts the same day than the Olympic Games.

To the sounds of "Sta Pervolia"

13.08. During the splendid opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the entrance of the Greek athletes with the Olympic Flag happens on the music of an excerpt of the Song of the Dead Brother and the Ballet "Zorba" (act I, scene 8: Tsifteteli): "Sta Pervolia" by Mikis Theodorakis.

15.08. Theodorakis sends a message of gratitude to Guy Wagner and his son Claude ( for the new Homepage.

27.08. Mikis Theodorakis leaves the "Evangelismos" hospital.

28.08. The Israeli newspaper Haareth publishes a long talk between Ari Shavit an Mikis Theodorakis. For most people it represents the clarification they had expected, others feel confirmed in their prejudice that Theodorakis is an "anti-Semite".

29.08. At the proposal of its Commission for Culture and Olympic Education, the IOC has awarded the Olympiart prize to Mikis Theodorakis.

07.11. In a Statement on FYROM, Cyprus, Turkey, Theodorakis says: "Hellenism is entering a very difficult, critical and dangerous period"

24.11. Theodorakis accepts to lead an anti-gun campaign on Crete.

30.11. Mikis Theodorakis is given the very important Egyptian Award: "Gold Pyramid Prize".

A successful CD

12.12. For NYT, "Zorba" conducted by Charles Dutoit (Decca) is among the best CD's of 2004.

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